Quarterly Financial Assistance Since 1979,

Provisions (Annapurna)  Assistance Since 2006,

Co-operation (Sahyog) Assistance Since 2008.


Mandal initiated the above schemes of financial assistance on  quarterly basis for the very needy widows, senior incapacitated persons who are struggling for survival without any family or any other support. Even a small amount given by Mandal is a great help in meeting their monthly expenses.

Under the Annapurna Scheme Mandal extends help in the form of lumpsum amount or fixed quantity of various provisions once in a year. This scheme has proved to be very helpful where earning is limited of a family and the widow is left with responsibility of running household and bringing up children.

In exceptional cases monthly assistance is raised to Rs. 2000/- per month for a period of a year to the surviving widow and family to face the difficult situation.

This scheme is specifically designed when an earning member of the family is lost and have small children to look after and have very limited income. The widow is need of a fixed predetermined amount to buy her stocks of provisions. The scheme helps such needy people to stand on their own feet’s and live a respectful life.

Mandal has rushed to help to the affected families in time of any natural disaster and accidental situation and will continue the same in future also…

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